Met-Ed is a utility company that provides electricity to more than 560,000 customers in southern and southeastern Pennsylvania. It is owned and managed by First Energy. It is one of the 10 licensed electric distributors in Pennsylvania.

Met-Ed’s service area includes York, Lancaster, Harrisburg and parts of Philadelphia. Berks County, Bucks County, and other counties are also part of. They have a vast system of power lines that they use to deliver energy to local homes and businesses.

They offer a variety of programs they offer their customers to help them save money on appliances and energy bills. These programs include HVAC rebates as well as energy efficiency grants, and an appliance return program.

In addition to that, the company also has an online store that lets customers to purchase a wide range of products and services including lighting, power converters, thermostats, and more. The store online also gives customers the option of registering for a free energy savings account to track and manage your energy consumption and costs.

PA Energy Choice

The Pennsylvania public utility commission manages a program called Energy Choice, which is designed to give customers the ability to shop around and compare rates with retail electricity providers. This program lets consumers control the supply portion on their electric bill by deciding on the provider that will best meet their needs.

Rates for default Met-Ed

In the deregulated electric market, there are a variety of different ways to lower your monthly electric bill by shopping for competitive rates and plans from an alternative electricity provider. If you do your research and compare prices, you can lock in a fixed rate for the entire duration of your contract and stay clear of any possible price fluctuations that can drive up your monthly electric bill.

If you take the initiative to lower your power bill and improve your financial situation and reduce the effect of rising fuel costs on your budget. Furthermore the PA electric choice program offers you the opportunity to collaborate with greener options and suppliers who are committed to green technology.

When you choose to shop for your electricity with a different company, your Met-Ed generation and transmission charges will be replaced with an alternative supplier’s electricity supply rate. These charges are determined by your kWh consumption each month and will reflect your selected provider and rate.

In general, customers could save up to 25 percent by switching their Met-Ed transmission and generation rates to a competitive supplier through Energy Choice in PA. That amount can be significant for the average homeowner.

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