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Avoiding the overkill opening in personal statement writing

There is no doubt that the best personal statement essay is the one that has the most interesting beginning. It is said that using the hook in your to capture the attention of the readers or the panel members is among the best attribute of an essay. We understand this and make use of excellent hooks whenever you hire us for your personal statement writing in Canada.

However, there is always the tendency to overdo things in the bid to develop a good personal statement introduction. The instruction for those who are writing a personal statement for graduate school is to be very cautious while doing this. Being succinct in capturing the attention of the reader is an excellent thing to do. But the use of gimmicks must be avoided so as not to give a bad one. Our core practice in offering help is to try and lure the reader with ideas and perceptions that are completely relevant to the course and the writer. We resist the use of flashy and popular expressions.

How to develop the opening paragraphs in personal statement writing

In personal statement writing, spending a lot of time to think about the flashy opening is not encouraged. This is because it could actually become a turnoff for many people. In writing a personal statement for college, you should focus on your level of interest in the discipline you intend to read in Australia. So, the beginning must always be about why you chose the course. The best practice is to get to the point immediately.

The major thing to observe in writing a personal statement for graduate school is to showcase how enthusiastic you are about studying the course. You also have to explain why you are very excited about the discipline in your personal statement writing. It is also in the opening that you are supposed to tell the panel about yourself and how much you know and understand about the course you intend to study. An explanation of the course and why you want to read it are supposed to occupy the first and second sentences when you engage in personal statement writing. You should understand that being specific about everything from the first word is a must when writing a good personal statement. Avoid all sorts of waffling and reveal that you have a deep knowledge of the course you have chosen to study. What fascinates you most about it?

Personal statement writing tips for all

There are some beginning phrases, lines and expressions that have been clichéd, so you have to avoid them when you engage in personal statement writing in the UK or US. You will never see things like “so far as I know,” “this has always been my area of interest,” “all through my life, I have been” and similar lines in personal statement writing. You also have to avoid them when you do the writing or when you get help with personal statements from other firms.

  • It is better to write the opening line at the end
  • Too much time should not be spent on the introduction of the statement
  • Being genuine in personal statement writing is a must.
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